Will Salman forgive Arijit Singh ?

'Mai Ek Baar Jo Commitment kar Leta Hu, Fir Apne Aap Ki Bhi Nhi Sunta', this dialogue is of Salman Khan's film 'Wanted'. But I think, in real life also he has the same nature. If he gets angry on someone, then he stays away from him, Singer Arijit is in that list only, with whom Salman is upset. Now Arijit Singh has asked Salman to forgive him, but will he be forgiven? Apart from song 'Tum Hi Ho', Arijit has sung many amazing songs and has become a famous personality in Bollywood. During an award show, Arijit had some argument with Salman Khan, after the show, Arijit forgot it, but Salman took it to his heart. letter letter 1 New is, Arijit has sung a song for film 'Sultan'. But Salman did not wanted Arijit to sing any song. This is been heard that Salman has removed Arijit from this song, after talking to makers. When Arijit got to know, then he became emotional. Then Arijit wrote an open letter to Salman, is which he asked Salman to forgive him. Arijit shared this letter on social media. When this argument between Salman and Arijit happened in 'Guild Awards'. In this, Arijit was given award for his song Tum Hi ho, when he went to take the award, then was looking quite lazy. Then Salman Khan asked him, Was he sleeping? First Arijit ignored Salman Khan and said after taking the award in the hand, when you are making us so bore, then sleep will be coming know. However, Salman made fun of his song, but this think made me hurt.