Will Kabali become Sultan of South India?

Will Kabali prove as Sultan is South India? Kabali Producer Kalaipuli S. Thanu believes that this film will easily earn 200 crores in three days. This film will release on 12000 screens in world. This is more than double when compared it with Sultan. Kabali teaser has left behind Sultan. Kabali teaser has become the most seeing teaser and is leading with 25 Millions views. Kalaipuli S. Thanu says that if you go to Mumbai and want to see Sultan, then ticket will cost you for 1500. If you will take it in Bengaluru, then you will get for 1500. But In Tamilnadu, With the ticket of 120, 80 and 50, this film will earn 200 crores. So we will earn 10 times more than Salman khan. Kabali is a different film. This is the first film with is release on 100 scenes in North India. Before this anyother South Indian film was not released in such figure in North India. This is first Indian film to release in all Asia countries. Big Thing is this film will release on 4500 screens in China. There is no doubt that Salman Khan and Rajnikant both are superstars. Sultan is still earning great at the box office, Now lets see how many records will Kabali break of Sultan. Rajinikanth one more film is there, that is also much awaited film. Akshay Kumar will also be seen as Villain in this film. This film is 2.0, it is expected to release next year, this film will be sequel of Robot. Now lets see what happens. You May Also Know : Akshay Kumar Upcoming Movies Upcoming Movies