Will 'kabali' be able to break the record of Bahubali ?

Rajinikanth's film Kabali is been discussed every where. Today it seems like, festival is going on in South India. Everyone is eager to watch Kabali. It is said that Kabali will break all the records at the box office. Director S.S Rajamouli's film Babubali is on the top right now in south India. Kabali can break Bahubali's record. Prabhas starrer film 'Bahubali' did wonders at the box office on it's first day. Film on the first day collected 50 crores. So to break 1st day record, then kabali has to cross 50 crores. Well South Indian movies don't good response in North India, here when dubbed films are released, then there collection is in Lakhs, but Bahubali on it's first day got many crowd and on 1 days in Hindi version, film collected 5.5 crores. It will be very difficult for kabali to break the record, because Irrfan khan's Madaari is also getting good review. Bahubali collected 100 crores in just 2 days. Rajinikanth's Kabali has to also do the same. bahubali not only made records at Indian Box office, it also made at American Box Office. In In Indian films Babubali has a record of earning maximum in a weekends at American Box Office. Film there collected 28 crores at the weekend. Kabali is released in America on 500 screens, there also film will get massive opening. People are getting mad for Kabali. Only Rajinikanth is surrounded everywhere. So it seems like Kabali will make some or the other record at the box office. Radhika Apte is seen opposite her in the film. You May Also Know : Bahubali Collection Kabali Poster