Will Hrithik play negative role in Padmavati?

After showing outside door to Ranveer Singh From Padmmavati, Now Sanjay Leela Bansali has started thinkig seriously about his replacement and Hrithik Roshan in on top in this race. If to believe the source, then Sanjay has approached Hrithik Roshan for Allaudin Khilji's role in Padmavati and has given narration about this character. Bansali made Guzarish with Hrithik in 2010, in which Hrithik's acting was appreciated. But the film was not able to impress the box office. Even his recent released film 'Mohenjo Daro' was also not able to impress the box office. It is been said that Hrithik can show his interest in doing this film. In Padmavati, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's name was finalised. But search of Deepika's husband King Rawal Raman Singh character is going on. Ranveer later asked for his character narration, because of which sanjay's ego got hurt and he started searching for Ranveer's Replacement. So Sanjay Leela Bansali has reached to Hrithik Roshan. Now will Hrithik accept to be Allaudin Khilji in this film or Bansali will work with Ranveer only, you have to wait for this. Well, film is expected to released next year in December. Ranveer has done 2 films with Sanjay and both were hit on Box office. Ranveer and Deepika are favourite of Sanjay. THey both have done Ramleela and Bajirao Mastani together. Both were proved as milestone of Ranveer Singh. Now lets see, will they make 3 films in a row or not? You may also Know : Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List