Vishal Karwal to join Nagarjuna - Ek Yoddha as lord Krishna

Life OK's semi fiction show Nagarjuna - Ek Yoddha is going to introduce a new and special track in it. The track will be based on Mahabharata and its mystery. Special thing is that now the show will become mythological show for some period and it will see many entries in the show's special track. Vishal Karwal is soon going to join the show as he will play lord Krishna in the show. Vishal already has played lord Krishna one in his career on NDTV Imagine's show Dwarkadhees and now once again he is going to play Krishna in new show. He himself has shared this news and says he is very happy that he is getting chance to play lord Krishna again in this show. Earlier he was last seen in Jamai Raja daily soap where he played villain in the show. Vishal also shared that he is happy, he can do experiments with his roles and characters. Vishal says there will be more interesting changes to come on the show. Not only this one another actor join the show with another interesting character warrior Arjuna. Rahul Sharma to play Arjuna in the show. The show will try to portray Arjuna's story in different style. The story will be based on Mahabharata but will be shown as differently. Now it will reveal what was Arjuna's connection to Nagalok. Yash Patnayak is getting love from the audience through this show. Vishal was last seen in Movie 1920 London where he played parallel lead role. You may also like :- 1920 London box office collection 1920 London movie trailer