Revelation! Ranbir Kapoor secretly on social media

This is said many times that Ranbir Kapoor is very shy when it comes to sharing things of his life. He is one the celebrities who always keeps their secret life away from social media. Ranbir Kapoor from the starting of his career never came on social media he always kept distance from it. This is said that he is never on any social media account. However besides that he is not in social media or any controversy but he always become part of headlines for his affairs. If we remember then Ranbir Kapoor only a time came on social media for a brand promotions after that he never ever came on social media. Even he never become victim of social media. Now recently in one interview he was asked if he is on social media or Twitter. On this he revealed that he secretly uses social media. On this question he said, no I am not on Twitter but yes I am on Instagram secretly. Actually I am a person who is very shy and loves to be in myself. After his this comment it is clear that he is on Instagram but with different name and checks everyone's views on him. However it has also cleared that his every account on social media are fakes. Nowadays when people loves to be on social media to share their things on this era Ranbir Kapoor loves to keep things secrets. Recently in one interview Ranbir also talked about his ex girlfriend Katrina Kaif and his relations with her. You may also like :- Parents Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor do pooja for Ranbir Kapoor Ranbir Kapoor's reaction for secret meeting with Katrina Kaif