Vir Das makes his debut on Conan, take the world by storm

Vir Das has been making his mark on the international market with his very funny comedy. The actor comedian has worked in many super hit Bollywood films, but now he is coming with his own show on Netflix, which just went live. The comedian has joined the likes of Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Amy Schumer and Russell Peters for comedy special on Netflix. Stand-up comedy is not that popular in India as it is abroad. One of the main reasons behind this is the dominance of Bollywood and Bollywood celebrities. But now, it is making its marks gradually, all thanks to the Internet. As of now, there are few stand-up comedians like Kanan Gill and some others, who have found quite a popularity on YouTube. Now there is a very big news for Vir das fans. The actor comedian has worked on multiple Bollywood movies, but now he got his own Netflix Special titled Abroad Understanding. Abroad Understanding is a Netflix special, which shows Vir das switching between live audiences in New York and New Delhi, while he performs his stand-up. The background structure and cutouts clearly tell the world about the show’s origin. Vir Das makes fun of Donal Trump, America and their pronunciation. The stage is set and it seems that Netflix is eyeing global Indian citizen, who uses the internet a lot. This is also the first originally produced Indian content commissioned and streamed by Netflix globally. On top of that, Vir Das is all set to the debut of one of the most popular American talk shows, Conan O’Brien. The episode will be aired soon.
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