Vidya Balan said she can't tolerate anything wrong

Mumbai: Actress Vidya Balan has said that her husband Siddharth Roy Kapoor considers her a woman of extreme nature. Vidya talked about her relationship with her upcoming movie 'Begum Jan' and husband Siddharth during 'Yar Mera Superstar Season 2' chat show, which will be broadcast on 'Zoom' channel. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt was accompanied by Vidya in the show. According to the statement released by the channel, Vidya has also told a reason to work in this film that she gets angry about any wrong thing and she has got 'Begum Jan' film to show it on screen. Vidya said, "The conversation started with Bhatt sir when we were propagating 'our incomplete story'. While traveling on an aircraft, I told him that I want to express this feeling within me." He said, "After some time Bhatt sir offered me 'Begum Jan', but the anger and aggression that was showing on the screen were not easy. But yes, once you break the restrictions this is a great experience. Siddharth feels that my nature is a bit rough." 'Begum Jan' is a Hindi adaptation of the national award-winning filmmaker Shreejit Mukherjee's Bengali film Rajkahini. Vidya has become the mistress of a brothel in this movie. It is in the background of the partition of 1947. Produced by Vishesh Films of Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt, the film will be released on April 14. Actor Vidya Balan believes in speaking her mind with no holds or stops. Even when controversies and rumors about her marriage slipping apart did the rounds, she didn’t give in with any spontaneous reactions and kept calm. Though the actress admits that initially, the false reports use to hit her, she slowly became immune to them. 'I got bothered initially because I couldn’t understand why and where those stories are coming from. It was unfair. But now, it really amuses me. I feel if there was a problem, it probably would affect me but when there’s nothing wrong, I am having a laugh about it,' she says.