Sonal Sehgal: Performing a 'Manto' character is like a wish fulfilled

How did Sonal Sehgal arrive the part? "Rahat called me and inquired as to whether I might want to be a piece of a motion picture he was making on Manto's stories. Furthermore, that was it. I said yes. Without asking which story or which part. Getting the opportunity to play a Manto character was certainly one of the basic lists. I have seen Rahat's before work and had confidence in him as a chief. Couple it with Manto's written work and blast I could see a champ! Also, I was right", she giggles. "Ask any performing artist. They all harbor a desire to play a Manto character. It is the way Manto composes his characters", says Sonal. "They are full bodied individuals. They have both – goodness and haziness inside them. No two of his ladies characters are similar. They are all people thinking about their lives. They are not props to assist the account of the male hero." Sonal Sehgal plays the popular Kulwant Kaur from 'ThandaGosht' in RahatKazmi's 'Mantostaan'. Says Sonal, "Kulwant is a solid free lady living all alone terms in exceptionally turbulent circumstances. She declines to be helpless before a conning, lying significant other and does not waver to slaughter him when she gets some answers concerning his treachery. The story is set in an extremely dim and exasperating space but Kulwant strikes you as a faultless lady". How did she prepare for the film? "I have an inclination that I have been looking into the subject since I was conceived. Both my folks were conceived in Pakistan and at ages 2 and 4, moved to India amid the parcel. So growing up I have heard innumerable stories from both arrangements of fantastic guardians about those extremely tumultuous circumstances. Stories both awful and inspiring", includes Sonal. What about getting into the skin of Kulwant Kaur? "Kulwant Kaur is a sincerely charged, feisty, forceful Sardarni. A total absolute opposite to me as a man. While her despairing came simple to me, I truly needed to work to find that animosity somewhere inside and bring it out on camera. The part was physically and candidly depleting yet exceptionally satisfying", says Sonal. You May Also Like Bollywood Movies 2017 Box Office Collection Upcoming Movies List