Veteran actor Danny Denzongpa got 29 Lakhs fine for the case of tax evasion

Maharashtra RTO has fined actor Danny Denzongpa of 29 Lakhs 56 thousand 230 rupees for not filing the road tax. He has been fined for that Range Rover car in whom the number plate was not of Mumbai, but he was driving it in Mumbai. Due to this Denny came into the road tax criteria and now fine has been asked from him. According to Assistant RTO officer Vishwambhar Shinde, we have appointed a squad who keeps track to those vehicles which are from other state but driving it in Mumbai. On 13th February, we spotted Sikkim's number on Danny's vehicle and when he was not been able to show the receipt of road tax payment of Maharashtra, we forfeited the vehicle and took in the Andheri office. On Wednesday, the driver of Danny came and by paying the fine amount to deliver the vehicle to him. He also added when we investigated then we found there are 34 people including 13 A-list actors of Bollywood who are accused of it. Currently, the department doesn't want to reveal those names but according to a big official they actors makes movies of 100 crores but didn't pay the taxes. In this list, 7 big actresses, 2 musicians, and 9 singers are accused. According to the officer, they all bought the vehicles in Mumbai but registered it in other states, whose aim is tax evasion. According to the sources, the Bollywood celebrities have not paid more than 120 crores tax in last three years which now will be collected.