TV actor Sourabh Sai raped an actress, made the footage

TV actor Sourabh Sai Sartaj has been found accused of raping a married woman of Bangalore. He has thus been arrested by the Mumbai police. According to the complaint registered, Sourabh was blackmailing the woman and he has even taken 15 lakh rupees from her. Actually this woman is a rising actor who met Sourabh last year during a dance reality show and after that they became friends. Sourabh promised the woman to offer roles in TV serials and  that is why she made him met her husband. Then one day, Sourabh mixed something in her drink and raped with her. He even made a footage of all this. After which he was blackmailing her in regard to the MMA and raped her many a time. Also he took 15 lakh rupees with her. He used to come to Bangalore, stay in a hotel and then do sexual harassment with the woman. He even forced her to sell her jewelry and when after all this when the woman was left with no money she informed the police about it. Then after which Sourabh was arrested.  The police has taken the video footage of the hotel where they used to visit and his crime has been conformed. Now the police is finding other proofs in this regard.