I was told that i'm too thick to be a model : Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone before stepping in porn industry used to work in a German Bakery. Then she even tried her hands in Tax And Retirement Firm, but destiny wanted her to be something else. Sunny Leone in her recent interview, she said that she even tried for Modelling when she was 18, but there also she was failed. Sunny told, 'When I was a small girl, then I wanted to be a model, but When I turned 18, I even tried for it. I was told that I was very small, very thick , very professional or they were not interested in me.' If Sunny would have got a chance to work in modelling field, then she would not have stopped in the porn industry. In an interview, Sunny told that she has no regrets for whatever she did. But now she has left behind her past and wants to make her place in Bollywood. However, she gave an intention that she was forced to step in porn industry. If she would have got chance in porn industry, then no Porn Tag would have be linked with her. Sunny recently was seen walking on ramp of New York Fashion week. She is first Bollywood actress, who got this chance. On 8th September, she walking on popular New York Fashion week, wearing Archana Kochher gown. She was looking beautiful as show's topper. Sunny walking on ramp is a shock to all Critics, those who thought that she cannot be a model. You may also know : Upcoming movies List Box office collection 2016