This hero gave a tight punch to Akshay Kumar, then also Khiladi is happy

Akshay Kumar's next film will be Robot sequel. Good thing is this that she will be seen along with Rajnikant in the film. However, Akshay will be be playing negative role in this film and he is very excited about this. Akshay said about this -'I am feeling, I am top of this world. I have everything in my life. It is great to get punch from Rajnikant. On the role of villian, Akshay told, 'It is about the respect. I am ready for this. However, I am not taking any special training for this.' Akshay talked about the first meeting with Rajnikant, '15 people were waiting for him there, everyone was staring at him, he was having tea, and some mud was there was little dust on his trousers and when he cleaned it, then everyone felt relieved. I also tried to do the same, but nobody noticed me.' Robot 2 will be directed by S. Shankar. Female lead will be Amy Jackson, Aiswarya Rai Bachchan and Rajnikant were seen in 2010 released Robot.