On it's third week also, The Jungle Book is doing great job

The Jungle Book ha sbecome the most popular film. According to the report, The Jungle Book has earned 4.22 crores dollars from Friday Morning to Sunday evening. Well film was down 31% after comparing it with last week collection. This is been expected that that film has earned 25 crores Dollar in East America till Sunday. After The Jungle Book, The Huntsman: Winter's War is on the second position. In it's second week, it has only earned 68.4 crores. Film in it's starting 10 days has earned 3.4 crores Dollar. The Jungle Book in America was released in 4,028 screens and in India 1500 screens. It was shown on very big level, which earned good in the starting but after sometime, this film broke the reords of many films, this film was released in 70 countries. This film was loved by the kids more and Animation of this film got many appreciation.