The Martian showing its magic at the North American box office

Made on the topic of Mars "The Martian" is doing really well at the American and Canadian box office. In the weekend the movie collected 3.7 crore dollar. In the film Matt Damon has played the role of an astronaut who due to some reason gets stuck in the Mars. The movie by making a collection of 10.87 crore dollar in 10 days, has become the second movie to collect more than 10 crore dollar. According to the report by a leading newspaper, "The Martian" is ahead of the movie "Interstellar" with over 12 percent that was released in the year 2014. This movie had collected 9.69 crore dollar in 10 days of its release and the movie "Gravity (2013)" is over 11 percent behind this film. Gravity has made of collection of 12.33 crore in 10 days. Adam Sandler's movie "Hotel Transylvania" is on the second slot by making a collection of 2.03 crore dollar. Warner Brothers "Pan" has collected 1.55 crore dollar in its opening weekend and is on the third slot. This week's 10 popular movies include: The Intern, (87 lakh dollar), Sicario (74 lakh dollar), Maze Runner (53 lakh dollar), The walk (37 lakh dollar), Black Mass (31 lakh dollar), Everest (30 lakh dollar) and The Visit (24 lakh dollar).