Hit and Run case : The High Court dismissed the petition of Salman

Bombay high court has refused Salman Khan's appeal to make witness singer and actor Kamal khan related to 2002 hit and run case. Salman's lawyer Amit Desai had filed a petition in the court on November 16 to hit-and-run case hearing judge AR Joshi. Joshi is hearing on this appeal on which Salman appealed to the trial court verdict where Slaman has sentenced 5 years imprisonment. Salman had appealed to make witness Kamal Khan according to Criminal Procedure court (CRPC) act 391. Joshi had denied to call Kamal Khan because it happens in special cases, where situations supports it. Both the prosecution and the defense, however, was made to September 28, 2002, before and during the accident Kamal Khan were present in the car of Salman Khan. Mumbai police under section 161 of the CRPC was recorded the statement of Kamal Khan, but he did not appear before a magistrate for recording evidence. Prosecution's cross-examination will continue on Tuesday with the case.