That's Why Aamir Khan's Server Stalled Completely !

Bollywood star Aamir Khan's for next film, girls are willing to work with Aamir. Aamir's office server is down because of this flood. Khan recently announced on Twitter that the next release of his home production film is looking for a new heroine. In response, many emails were came out and because of this his office server was thrown out.- Aamir's production house, directing the new film Advett Chandan says that it is great Intresting. "The whole night we sat for attachment to download and answer them, so we can empty inbox. We the have begun people to call for the audition. It is really exciting. Girl (actress) are expected soon. " - Close to Aamir Khan's a source said that his tweets got tremendous response in less than half an hour and they reached 3,000 thousand entries. Indeed, Aamir told heroines to send record a song in his voice. So one video attached in these all. so it was quite heavy. This is because the server went down completely.