Team of "Katti Batti" did not get approval for kissing contest

The directors of Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan's upcoming movie Katti Batti wanted to host a kissing contest. But now the police has rejected their request to host the contest. The promotion of the movie is becoming aggressive these days. The marketing team of the movie has decided to host kissing contest in different states. In the film the lead actors Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan have given so many kissing scenes. In this regard the team has decided to host a kissing contest in different states and judge it on the smooch metre. Although the police has not given approval for this. The team of f the film had even contacted a college of Bandra for the contest. Authorities contacted police for this. In the contest the real life couples had to kiss and that is why the college asked for approval. Although the police did not liked the idea. Educational institutions are against such type of activities. Sources said that the police is not ready on this. Kissing is not a crime. 50 couples are ready on this, what is the problem.But the marketing team cannot host the contest due to unapproval. The team then tried to host the contest on Bandra Bandstand, but approval was also not given for this. On this director Nikhil Advani said we have done all the possible efforts to host contest but is not being made possible. We were all excited for this contest.