Swara Bhaskar Opened Up About her Horrifying Experiences In Public

Critically acclaimed actress Swara Bhaskar shared some of her horrifying experiences of being groped and harassed in public in her recent interview. She told that she was groped by some strangers at the Airport of Rajkot while she was promoting ‘Prem Ratan DhanPayo’ in 2015. According to her, there were more than 2000 people at the Airport to see Salman Khan, despite there was security people came in, it was hard for her to get out from that crowd. Eventually, Anupam Kher helped her and made sure that she got into the car. She also talked about the ‘Holi’ scene in ‘Ranjhana’. She said that there were a huge number of people who came to watch the shooting and were a part of the shot. At that time the production team had put boys from the AD team around us to protect us from rest of the crowd. She also recounted an incident in Mumbai local train, where a drug addict masturbated in front of her. Swara said, “It was unreal for me, it was my first year in Mumbai and it actually took me a few seconds to understand what’s happening. Eventually, I started shouting at him and started beating him with my umbrella.” She tried to keep holding him by the collar, to take him to the police but he escaped by jumping off to the other end of the compartment. She said, “As a female artist, you know the feeling of being vulnerable in front of a crowd, which is why I connected with my character Anaarkali.” ‘Anaarkali of Aarha’ was released on 27th March this year where Swara Bhaskar played a role of Anaarkali, an orchestra singer, celebrated for her double meaning songs and provocative dance performances. You May Also Like Bollywood Movies 2017 Box Office Collection Upcoming Movies List