Sunny Leone has become countries Education Teacher !

Although Sunny Leone's film are going fflop, but she is on top on Google search. This thing is even discussed in America. According to Los Angeles times, this former Adult actress is accepted by Indian society. Sunny Leone is working in Bollywood, but she is discussed in America too. It is remarkable that Sunny was one of the most famous pornstar of that America. In the article written on Sunny by Los Angeles Time, it is told that world's most biggest industry Bollywood, hesitates over sex and here stars don't even kiss on screens, on other hand, there is Sunny. Who all have Internet connection that Sunny can do more than kiss and mostly have seen it. According to the article, Sunny is the most searched celeb on Google and she is searched less for Bollywood film, but she is searched more for adult films. Article even as tells about the conversation with Sunny, in it she said whatever she has achieved in Bollywood was next to impossible. It is said about India that, it is going towards getting developed, but are covered with public morality. Here it Kamasutra was written, but porn is ban. Here police arrest those people making out in public place. Sex education is nil in school and today also girls marry those man, whom they have not seen ever. In this case, Sunny Leone has come up as National Sex Education Teacher. In the article it is written that she has no regrets for her past and it was her personal choice. Political opposition is also talked about in the article over Sunny. Many Middle class family don't see Sunny's film and even big stars make distances from her. Chikki Government told Sunny Leone as 'Girl Power Icon'. When in year 2013, Sunny gave her second film flop, then she her Husband decided to go back to Los Angeles leaving Bollywood, but after song Baby Doll, she got famous. But still after that also her condition is not good, she has given several flops in year 2015 and 16. Condition is there is no one who is ready to but her films. Her film is kept incomplete. You may also know : Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017