Sunny Leone a fan of Hrithik and Priyanka's body

There have been a lot of fan of Sunny Leone's body. But do you know which actor's body attract her? Do you know the body of which actress is the one that inspires her? Recently Sunny has launched her video doing workout. Through this DVD "Super hot Sunny Mornings" she is telling the people how to stay fit. She is inspiring to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In this regard she said that the body of Priyanka Chopra and Hrithik Roshan is the best. Actually she was asked that who according to her is the fittest in Bollywood? She said that Priyanka seems to be the best. She wants her body also to be like her only. Also she feels the body of Hrithik as best. All the actors want their body to be best and they do a lot of workout for it. In her DVD she has explained how to stay fit without going to gym.