Sunny Deol's son and Shridevi's daughter will be launched by their own Banner

Many debut films offers are coming for Sunny Deol's Son Karan aka Rocky and Shridevi's Daughter Jhanvi. But both the family will launch them. Last week Sajid Nadiawala met Sunny. Agenda was that getting Karan from Nadiawala Grandson's banner. Source says that Sajid don't want to get karan, but he wants to get legend Dharmendra Grandson. Even though Sunny don't go to Sajid parties because of shy behaviour, but they are good friends. With superhit film 'Jeet' Sajid was able to step into Bollywood, today also her say Jeet was his career turning point. According to the sources,' Sajid did not also kept the condition of contract of 3 film to Rocky. Tiger Shroff was launched by him only but also had contract of 3 films. For in case of Rocky, he is making his friendship more stronger with Sunny. Sunny did not say yes or no, he will himself direct the son's debut film. On other hand Jhanvi is doing course of acting in Los Angeles. From two years producers are approaching her but Shridevi was saying no, because according to her she was too young. When now she has gone to study then teo big conpany has contacted Bonny Kapoor. Source are saying, 'Bonny revised the career of his brother Anil. Launched Sanjay Kapoor, Tabu, Isha Deol. Made hit films with Salman. Now he is not planning to launch her daughter from any other film, he planning to make Jhanvi's film in his own banner.