Sunny Deol is starting one more Production house

Sunny Deol next film is releasing on 15 January, which is the sequel of 'Ghayal'. After this he will more be active in film production. He going to start new banner apart from Vijeta Films. He told, "We are starting one more banner, we have not decided any names of the banner. We are planning to start this banner from 15 December." He told about the film which will made under this banner, "We are starting a film with Bobby Deol under this banner. There are planning for many films". On the question of making of another banner Sunny told, "This is also a cinema. It's just we want more companies. We are making films under Vijeta Films, which has big budget and action film only. Now we want to make something else, after seeing it audience should say it's not from Vijeta films, but the story of some other place. Cinema will always remain cinema. According to the source, in this production, only short budget will be made and will launch new stars and directors. On the question of 'Ghayal once again', Sunny said, we don't understand marketing but we got good response from the audience after they watched the trailer. Director always wants to make the film great and I also did the same.