Sunjay Dutt suffers fractures during the shoot for his next movie- 'Bhoomi'

Sanjay Dutt is currently shooting for his upcoming next 'Bhoomi' directed by Omang Kumar. The shoot for the film is currently on in the Chambal district of Uttar Pradesh. While shooting for the film Sanjay Dutt hurt himself badly and got a hairline fracture in his ribs and due to the unbearable pain the shoot was disrupted and the Doctor was called on the sets. After examining Dutt the doctor told he has got some hairline fracture in his ribs and he needs to visit the hospital and take rest from the shoot till he recovers. The movie 'Bhoomi' is directed by Omang Kumar is an Action movie with a sentimental love story between a father and a daughter. Many portions of the film had been shot in Agra and currently, the shooting was in Chambal District of Uttar Pradesh. According to the sources, the action scene was choreographed in a way like some goons are to attack Dutt and Dutt has to fight them and during the scene, he fell down hard on the ground followed by a sharp pain in his ribs. First of all Sanjay Dutt ignored the pain calling it simply a muscle spasm but till night the pain was unbearable and Dutt was seen in a lot of discomforts. After the Doctor came and examined the actor in the hospital by conducting some tests on the Actor and after taking some of his X-Ray images the Doctor confirmed that Dutt had a hairline fracture in his ribs. The treatment is going on and Dutt has been advised complete bed rest but Dutt wants to complete the movie as soon as possible.According to the reports three months ago Dutt had the same kind of injury in which his head hit a pole very hard and he was under treatment and medications for a few weeks following the pole injury. With 'Bhoomi' Sanjay Dutt is making a comeback to Bollywood showbiz after completing his term in prison.