'Sultan and Raees' will clash on the Box office next year

You must have listen the fights between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, now you be able to see the fight between both of them on the box office next year. It has been confirmed that Shahrukh's 'Raees' and Salman's 'Sultan' will release next year in Eid. According to a English newspaper, 'Raees' Producer Farhan Akhtar talk about the clash that before also it has happened that their film were released on the same day and both the film did great on the box office, now it depends on the audience. To choose the date of the release is film maker's right. Farhan Says, he hope both the film do great on the box office. Farhan Says, ' If anybody is making a good film then definitely it will do well, so it hardly matters that with what film he is competing. He has hoped that both the film will do the the great business at the box office.