Subhash Ghai is thinking between 'Khalnayak Remake' or Sequel of Khalnayak

Film producer Subhash Ghai said that he has got a good screenplay for the sequel of Superhit film 'Khalnayak'. He is even thinking to make the remake of the original film. Subhash Ghai only directed and produced 1993 action thriller film 'Khalnayak'. In this film, Sanjay Dutt was seen as criminal Billu, whereas Jackie Shroff was seen as Inspector Ram and Madhuri Dixit was seen his fiance Officer Ganga. Anupam Kher was also seen in this film. Music of this film was given by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Sanjay and Subhash to reunite for Khalnayak returns Ghai told, 'Next year we will make three films, in which one can be Khalnayak Returns. When Sanjay Dutt comes outside after 20 years of Imprisonment then what happens to him. This is 20 years after Khalnayak.' The filmmaker said that few producers want to make the remake of an original film, so he is not able to decide in remake or sequel. Subhash Ghai wants to do one film with Kapil Sharma He said, 'We have got a screenplay and there are two types of situation. One producer wants to make the remake of 'Khalnayak', whereas other wants to make 'Khalnayak Returns'. We are thinking about both offers.' According to the today's audience choice, the remake of 'Karz' and 'Hero' is already made. Ghai attended Panel discussion of the 47th edition of Indian International Film Festival. This film has already be remade in Telugu as Khaidi No. 1. You may also like :- Upcoming movies List Box office collection 2016