I struggle everyday in Bollywood : Sunny Leone

Today also Sunny Leone's past troubles her. She is very sad and to stay back in Bollywood, she does all kinds of adjustments. Sunny all this pain came out on Wednesday at an event in Mumbai. Sunny Leone has launched her one mobile app. She came to this event with her husband Daniel Weber in a red dress. But despite getting angry on the question, she spoke her heart out. Said the Bollywood can never change but she has to be there with her changes and for this, she needs to adjust a lot. According to Sunny, when she came here then everything was new to her. To make you position, you have to struggle daily, because every day something new happens. However, Sunny accepted that her her followers would not have been there, then she would not have been in Bollywood. Manu Punjabi called Sunny Leone a Maal sunny-1 On this event, Sunny told that she liked Ranveer Singh as he always does crazy thing. Sunny Leone liked Ranveer's video also as she says they are interesting. There is a special place for Sonam Kapoor in her heart. She tells that Sonam is very interesting as she always does something new. Is always at the new place. Always does traveling. Sunny Leone in the top 100 most influential films Well, Sunny these days plays more attention to the things related to her promotion, but she got angry few days back over her documentary because she did not like some things in her documentary. You may also like :- Box office collection 2016 Superhit Movies List