SRK vs SRK : Shahrukh said - I am also a fan of many actor, used to do mimicry during childhood

Bollywood Actor Shahrukh Khan for the first time was seen in Double role in Aaj Tak. It was a great scene for the audience that Question will be asked by Shahrukh Khan and Answer will be also given by Shahrukh Khan. Two-two original Shahrukh Khan were never seen on TV. But were seen interviewing each other. Shahrukh in this interview revealed many secrets. He said that He is fan of those actors in Bollywood, who does good work. If to believe Shahrukh then, then before coming in Bollywood, he used to see films of Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi. Shahrukh told that when he was young, then he used to do Vaanar role in Raam Leela. He loved doing mimicry. Second Shahrukh said that he used to do mimicry of Prithviraj Kapoor, Devanand and Amitabh Bachchan. About his upcoming film Fan, he told that in the film he is asked, 'Can I get your 5 minutes' ,He said, 'to know the secret of this 5 minutes, you have to see the film, because stories revolves around this only. Shahrukh said, in my personal life, I believe in meeting people, if I go for shooting anywhere, then I definitely meet people. There are lots of letter, which I will read someday. Shahrukh said that it feels good meeting fans. Many fans regularly writes me letter. There are 10-20 fans, with whom I am meeting from years. Shahrukh said that my fans are mostly girls. Shahrukh also said that he is also a fan of some people, in which he took Sachin's name in the interview.