Sonu Nigan as Beggar on Mumbai roads

Famous singer Sonu Nigam has become roadside Singer. Actually, in Juhu, Sonu is playing harmonium for a web video and is singing song. A website named being Indian has shared a video on youtube with the name of 'The Roadside Ustaad', this is a social experiment. Sonu was in different look, nobody was able to recognize him. This can be seen in the video that people gave mixed reviews. People gathered him as soon as he sang the song, some even talked to him, some went without staying. This is the same harmonium which his parents gave him during his childhood. [embed][/embed] Sonu told about this video,' When I got ready to working for this video, there was no expectation, I did not even bother, how am I looking, this was the first time, when I, actually, I wasn't this, make up was so amazing that people were standing too close, they also did not recognise me.' Sonu said, 'This experience was amazing and I achieved alot, with this I realised that what all we have, for that we Should be grateful to God.'