Sonakshi Sinha spotted some odd number cars on an even day, shared photos

Bollyood actress Sonakshi Sinha is known for her pranks. This time she has accused. Yes, actually the matter is this that Even Odd formula has started in Delhi, due to which one day odd number cars are running and on another day ever number cars are running, but many are not obeying this formula. Sonakshi is giving a proof. Sonakshi has shared a photo on her twitter account, in which odd number car is running on even day. She has shared two odd number cars. Let me tell you, Sonakshi was in Delhi on 6th January. Even number cars were running that day according to the rule but during this she saw odd number car. Then she clicked the photo of those car and shared on twitter. Sonakshi worte, 'Spotting an odd number car on even day in Delhi automatically brings out the chuglikhor in u. Have to point out.'