Sonakshi got angry, when she was compared with Reena Roy

Bollywood Dabangg girl Sonakshi Singh will turn 28 on 2nd June. She won hearts of the audience with her first film Dabangg. She is compared with famous actress Reena Roy. When Sonakshi entered in Bollywood with the film Dabangg, then people started comparing her with Reen Roy, Sonakshi got angry with this and her mother said bad things to media. Reason behind Sonakshi comparing with Reena is that Shatrughan Sinha has close relation to Reena Roy. Shatrughan used to meet Reena even after the marriage. When this news reached Reena that her face resembles like Sonakshi, then she organised a press conference and denied this news. In an interview, Reena said that Sonakshi face looks like her mother Poonam Sinha. Harman Bhaweja's face is similar to Hrihtik Roshan. Still Harman was not able to rule on Bollywood. In an interview he said that, because of his comparison with Hrithik, his career is been affected. 8 7 6 5 3 2