My son doesn't like my female roles : Sunil Grover

Comedian Sunil Grover who played the role of Dr. Mashur Gulati and Rinku Devi in The Kapil Sharma's show will be seen rocking on silver screens with a film. Name of his upcoming film is 'Coffee With D'. During trailer launch of his film, he told that many people love his Guththi and Rinku Devi's character but his 6 years old son is ashamed of seeing them. Sunil says, 'One day my son Mohan said to me, Dad you don't do this female role. When I asked him why then he did not give any answer, then I got to know that his friends tease him that you father become a girl. To finish the shame of my son, I took him to a mall, when people saw me there then they started clicking pictures of me and some thanked me for making them laugh.' After Gerua, Sunil Grover again did weird dance in new show Sunil further says, 'Seeing people love and respect in the mall, he realized that my father does great work. Then I later explained to him that I make an audience laugh. People love me for my female characters. My son is small to understand this. But now he has realized that reason behind everyone smile is my father and he is proud of it.' Sunil Grover cried a lot as Comedy Nights with Kapil go off-air Sunil Grover in his upcoming film will be playing the role of a journalist who is like Arnab Goswami. Name of the character in the film is also Arnab who shouts and ask his question in the news channel. This film os Sunil is going to release on 6th January. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club