Some Silly mistakes in 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo'

Salman Khan's 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo' even be doing well in terms of turnover, but the film did not succeed in winning the hearts of audiences. The film which was released on 12th have earned 165.45 crores in its first week. Critics believed that the film story is slow but there are many scenes which doesn't make sense in the film. The director can't make audience attached with the film with his slow direction. Film also have some such big mistakes which we are going to tell you. prem-ratan-dhan-payo__144 1. In accident scene when Salman is shown falling from the mountain, the bagghi also shown going fall with Salman in slow motion but it's puller horse didn't saw in the scene? What was the power brake in horse's hoof, which stayed at the top of the hill and coach fell ? prem-ratan-dhan-payo5_144 2. The film was shown all the facilities in the current round, even injured Vijay Singh (Salman) are treated also showed extremely high-tech, but the care-taker was 80 years old. The thinking of the director behind this it is beyond understanding? watermelon 3. Salman got injured and his security chief comes to buy the medicines with fruits, it also includes big-big watermelon? who's doctor give advise a serious patient to eat watermelon ? sk 4. The other Salman who lived in Ayodhya he saw Sonam Kapoor (maithili) first time in flood relief camp. Flooding in Ayodhya was never heard ? There is a river called Saryu flows very quiet. The first meeting of hero and heroine is not written good in script that's why this scene is look like Unabridged. For more details click on the slides…. 1-number2number