Shocking trust about Salman Khan's marriage

Salman Khan in his life gave hearts to many people, but his love never reached till marriage. But this time, dream of getting Salman married was seen getting fulfilled. It seemed like, he will get married to Lulia Vantur, but now the story is tell something else. Yes, actually, shocking news is that Salman has no plans to marry Lulia, according to report, very close source of Salman has revealed that. He said, news of Salman getting married to Lulia is useless. Media always are doing preparations of Salman's marriage and is doing again. Please ignore it. So is it true ? Well, this is a trust that Salman's mother wants him to get married. Now the question is, if not Lulia then whom? News was that Salman has chosen his Birthday for his marriage. Salman these days is in Madrid for IIFA Awards.