Shatrughan Sinha praises Malayalam film industry, asks questions to Bollywood

Shatrughan Sinha who recently has honored with the lifetime achievement award in Filmfare awards has shown the face of Bollywood by showing the support of Malayalam film industry for an actress molestation case. The actor even has asked the questions to Bollywood unity for any issue. Let me tell you recently one famous actress of Malayalam film industry got sexually assaulted by a group of cowards. To give support to the actress the whole south film industry and the Society of intellectuals have united. By praising this Shatrughan Sinha has tweeted, The entire film industry of Kerala, intellectuals, and society at large has come together to express their solidarity against the deplorable, condemnable & criminal act against a well known and admired lady actor of Malayalam cinema. He further targeted the whole Bollywood film industry by tweeted, But what about our Mumbai film industry??? When are we going to come together & rise to the occasion when it comes to extending support to our people from Sanjay Dutt to Karan Johar to Saif Ali Khan to the dashing Salman to filmmaker par excellence, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, either we fall at the feet of the Mighty or we hide behind the "tweets". When are we going to learn what is right for our society and our film industry?
He then tweeted, My full support to the Malayalam film industry and to this expression of support and unity. Long live the Malayalam film industry! Jai Hind.