Shahrukh Khan's 'Fan' is releasing today

Today Shahrukh Khan's most awaited film "Fan' is releasing. This film is releasing on 3000 screens in India and in abroad 700 screens. In this Yashraj films, Shahrukh Khan is seen playing double role. One of superstar Aaryan Khan and second his biggest fan. This film is directed by Maneesh Sharma. fan Shahrukh Khan was not seen active this film in terms of Fan promotion. News is Shahrukh Khan happy with marketing strategies and promotion of Yashraj. Fans are badly waiting for this movie. During the promotion, Shahrukh shared many things, which was not known to the fans. Shahrukh also revealed that, he has never been fan of anybody, because he did not got enough time for this. Shahrukh said, 'I love people, but I have never been a fan of anybody. Before becoming a fan, I was a star. It is not easy to be fan. I started working very soon. I did not got time to become a fan.'