Shahrukh has forgot the disrespect in USA Airport

Four years ago Shahrukh Khan got detained at the USA Airport because of his last surname Khan and the moment was very difficult for Shahrukh Khan. Now Shahrukh khan has no grudge regarding this stupid incident. Shahrukh said in an recent interview that in any place you just landed and got struck in detained it is very difficult. Shahrukh Khan said there is no grudge against them now and I am travelling USA easily. Now I am also finding universities for my children to study there. This is to notice that in April 2012 when Shahrukh Khan went to USA and in the routine checking when his name got displayed in the screen then officials started detaining him. They also asked Shahrukh Khan why he has came here after a two hours detaining Shahrukh went left after interruption of India's embassy. The sources also said that Shahrukh Khan took help by his close congress friend Rajiv Shukla that time.