Shahid said that he is happy that Mira is not from the film industry

Shahid Kapoor who had married Mira Rajput who belongs to a non film background, now say that after marriage the responsibilities increases. The actor of the movie Haider says that 'Marriage makes you even more responsible. In the last nine years I was living my life in my own way. I became independent at a very small age. When I was 16 from that time I am earning and when I was 23-24 I started living along in my own house. I although lived an independent life, but had responsibilities too'. He said, 'when you get married you have to be even more responsible. It makes you attacked to the ground. After that surety comes that where your future is going. Whenever you take a decision you think twice as at that time you are not only responsible for your own life but has to take responsibility of someone else also'. According to Shahid, he is happy that Mira does not belong to the film industry because whenever he goes back home, she makes him feel a lot more relaxed. The atmosphere of the house becomes great and he likes it a lot.