Santosh Rai sought 9 crores from Govinda for Slapping him

A slap is getting costly for Bollywood actor Govinda. Santosh Rai who was slapped by Govinda, he has sought 9 crores from Govinda. however, Govinda says that he don't have such huge amount. Santosh says that he will take Rs 9 crores instead of his apology. However, Lawyer of Govinda, kept an offer of an Apology and 5 Lakhs rs. It is also said from Govinda side that he don't have such huge amount that he could give him. Nobody better than Govinda must be knowing the cost of one slap. During the shooting of 'Money Hai Tho Honey Hai' in 2008, Govinda slapped Santosh. That time Govinda accused him for bad behavior. In year 2009, Santosh registered a complaint against Govinda in Bombay High Court and in 2013, High Court dismissed his complaint application. In year 2014, Santosh took this issue to Supreme Court. Govinda even agreed that he slapped the person because he was getting too cozy with girl, so I thought to take a stand. Once Govinda even slapped a press reporter, when he asked a stupid question. Govinda even had some controversy with his Nephew Krushna Abhishek, Recently, Govinda did not went to Krushna's show Comedy Night Bachao and visited The Kapil Sharma Show. When Govinda was asked about it then he said, 'Krushna always Insults everybody.' Krushna said about Govinda that, 'Maine Unhe Mama Bana ke Rakha Ke', Govinda did not liked it. Later Krushna apologised. Govinda also said that Kapil's show is the best. You May also know : Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017