Sanjay Dutt got free from Yervada Jail

Actor and Bollywood Munna Bhai Sanjay Dutt got free today. Yervada Prison this prisoner number 16656 got released today after conpleteing his sentence. Sanjay Dutt was given punishment for 5 years for keeping illegal weapons with him. I was in jail from May 2013. He saluted the tricolour flag which was waving outside the jail. Happiness can be seen clearly on his face. He said, 'He is put because of his fans. Wife Manyata and filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani along with some friends went to Yervada jail to take Sanjay Dutt. Everyone flew back to Mumbai with charter plain. First he will go to Sidhivinayak Temple then will go to big Graveyard and will give tribute to his mother Nargis. One petition was filed a day before his release in Bombay high Court, Petition was filed by Pradeep Bhalerao. Hearing on this will be done on Monday. Sanjay Dutt Sister Priya Dutt said, 'Wait of 23 years got ended today. Wish father (Sunil Dutt) was alive. Sanjay Dutt got released 103 days before, he also earned some amount in jail, and came out taking Rs 450. Although Sanjay Dutt earned 38000 in the jail, but most of the amount he spent on needed things. Sanjay used to make Paper Bag, he used to get rs 50 daily for it. His mostly money got spent in Yervada Canteen. Only 450 got left.