Salman's wallet been stolen by 4 girls in a nightclub, security of Salman increased

There has been news of robbery of Salman Khan's sunglasses, wallet and pendant from a night club. The culprits are 4 girls. It has been told that after this, Salman Khan has increased his security. He has increased the number of his bodyguards to 14. In the night club 4 girls met Salman as fans. She talked too him for sometime and then left. Salman then got engaged to talk to other people. After that he got to know that, the wallet, sunglasses and the pendant of Bajrangi Bhaijaan that he has kept on the table was not there. Salman's bodyguards told him to get the police informed about this, but he refused. The incident took place on Thursday. Although Salman's sister Arpita has ignored this. She said it cannot happen with Salman as he does not keep wallet with him. While Salman in an event has said that, Mumbai is now not that safe. Something or the other happens here. Salman Khan Upcoming Movies