Salman Warned Katrina Kaif, You will regret leaving me

Recently there is news that Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina broke up because of Salman Khan. Ranbir and katrina are now separated after staying together for 6 years. When Katrina was with Salman Khan, then only she started dating Ranbir Kapoor. According to media reports, when Salman Khan got to know this, Salman ran towards Katrina house angrily. This issue is of 2009, when Salman went to Katrina House, Salman was drunk and he warned Katrina not to date Ranbir because one day he will only break your heart. salman First Salman shouted on her and then tried to convince her not to leave him. When he was saying all this then he was drunk and he said that you will regret one day. They both were talking and his manager and driver took Salman Khan from there. In 2001, Salman was at Aishwarya's door and was angry. He said that he will jusp to Aishwarya apartment from terrace, Aishwarya used to live on 17th floor and building was of 19 floor. Aishwarya-Salman Salman was so angry that no body has guts to stop him, Salman knocked the door till 3 am, oit was heard that Salman hand started bleeding also. Finally Aishwarya opened the door around 6 in the morning and Salman came out of the house around 8 at night. In 2002 Filmfare Award, Aishwarya hand was fractured and she had wear sun glasses, People say that Salman Khan had beaten Aishwarya Rai, but Aishwarya did not confess the talk of beating her. She said that she got slipped from the stairs. Aishwarya did not tell things about her beaten up, but 4 months after the break up, on 27 September, 2002, in an interview with Times Of India, Aishwarya said something and once again question was raised of beating Aishwarya by Salman Khan. Aishwarya said, he used to call me after our breakup and used to talk nonsense, he had a doubt that I am going around with my Co-star, my name was linked up from Abhishek to Shahrukh Khan, he many time have beaten me, destiny was good that no marks came to my body. And I used to go to the shooting like nothing had happened. He used to trouble me a lot and when I don't used to pick his call, then he use to hurt himself.