When Salman returned home in auto rickshaw

This year 2015 was very lucky for Salman Khan and at last it gave Salman's biggest gift to him. Bombay High Court acquitted Salman Khan in 2002 hit and run case. With this how the celebration started in his home is not ending till the month end. This month is very special for Khan family, first Arpita's wedding anniversary then Salman's mom and Sohail's birthday. Sohail's birthday was celebrated on 20th December. For this the whole family went to a Bandra's restaurant for doing party. Then Salman planned to return home he took a rickshaw. Salman's close friend director Nikhil Diwedi gave company to Salman in the auto rickshaw. Both did talks with the auto driver till reached to home. Now Khan family is planning a celebration on the occasion of Salman's 50th birthday. Yes, Salman's birthday was on 27th December and Khan family is planning grand party for him. His fans are also ready to celebrate his birthday.