Salman Khan shared a video for the soldiers of the country

Whatever Salman Khan dies be it be good or bad, he is always in news. Well, mostly Salman is in news for controversy, but this time he is in news for good thing. This time Salman Khan had done something to amazing that you will definitely salute the Indian army. Salman Khan has shared a video on Social media to give Diwali wishes to Indian Army. Recently, when Salman Khan stood for Pakistani Actors. He said that Pakistani actors are not Terrorist. Our government gives them the visa, then only they come here to work. After this statement of Salman Khan, he was opposed a lot. Some started saying that Salman Khan is against Indian Army. But the video that Salman Khan has shared in Social Media , by this you can clearly know his feeling about Indian Army. In this video, Different relations of Indian Army is shown. Like one son writes a letter to his soldier father. One mother is making Laddoo on Diwali and is missing his son who is on his duty. In Last PM Narendra Modi comes and says that this Diwali everyone should send wishes to the country soldiers. Salman wished them in his own style. Well, Salman Khan has joined many campaigns of Pm Modi. A few months back Salman was linked with Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. So you also wish them on Diwali. You may also know:  Salman Khan Upcoming movies Box office collection 2016