Salman Khan requested Malaika Arora Khan to save his brother's marriage

Recently the divorce news between Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan were in the discussions. There are the reports that because of Bollywood actor they are going to separate but there is one another which says that Salman Khan called Malaika for requesting to not take divorce. In the midst of this Arbaaz said that he is very sensitive about his wife and he always has fear to loose him. Arbaaz also said that earlier he was not that much sensitive for her but bow the things has been changed. However Malaika has not given any statement on it. Arbaaz who came with wife Malaika on TV show Yaar Mera Superstar said, it happens when you achieve something then you always have fear to loose it. I loves Malaika but I am also sensitive for her. According to a report Salman Khan came in between Malaika and Arbaaz and talked for hours to Malaika and requested her to save the separate relation. Salman also advised that it will not been right to been apart after 18 years of marriage. This all thing proved that how Salman Khan is very family man. Arbaaz said, As the time flues you don't have any option for not listening for you wife and now all the things gone to Malaika's hand. I also thinks that the wife makes control you as the time flew. Arbaaz and Malaika have a son Arhaan which was born in 2002. Malaika also denied the rumors of separation and said She has to see in the show Power Couple with Arbaaz for less episodes and Malaika also said that there is no fight between us.