Salman Khan is reason behind Zarine Khan's hot & fit figure

Zarine Khan is looking very and fit and hot these days but when she made debut opposite Salman Khan in Veer that she was not like this, that time she was little fat. People use to make laugh on Zarine's figure and may be this the reason so she decide to loose weight. Zarine has closed the mouth of people who use to comment on her figure. Recently Zarine has shared a image on social media in which it is clearly looking that she has done a very hard work on her figure. It was seeing that she has lost some weight. However Zarine has said that she feels comfortable with her body. But you know who helped Zarine to loose weight it is not other than Salman Khan. A source related to Slaman Khan said, Zarine wanted to loose her weight when Salman got to know about this so be a mentor he helped her. Salman Khan instructed to his personal trainer that he helps Zarine to loose weight. With this Zarine lost her too much weight.