Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur back from Budapest

Even if Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur tries to hide their relationship, but they are always seen together, so everything is clear. Salman always go silent when it comes to Lulia. According to reports, Lulia and Salman flew to Bedapest on 2nd June, that day media was busy taking Anushka and Virat's photo, so Salman and Lulia were saved. somu Salman and Lulia are back to Mumbai from Budapest. Salman was seen with Lulia on the airport. This is been this said that Salman will get married to Lulia in December. IIFA 2016, when a reporter asked him about his marriage life., Salman said, 'Why should I tell you about my marriage. I don't even know you name, I will inform this on writer. This is between me and Fans. lulia Let me tell you, Salman Khan's upcoming film Sultan is releasing on EID. Salman is playing wrestler in the film.