Salman and Shahrukh will show 'Jai Veeru' avtar

Shahrukh Khan is going to Bigg Boss house to promote his film 'Dilwale'. It's promo is already on-air. Shahrukh and host Salman will be seen in style of Sholey in this show.  सलमान खान-शाहरुख खान Both of them will come on the bike like Jai-Veeru in Sholey. Shahrukh will become Jai and Salman will become veeru. If reports are to be believed then they both will perform on 'Ye Dosti hum Nhi Todenge'. Before this, Salman and Shahrukh shooted the promo of Bigg Boss 9 at Mehboob Studio, where both were seen recreating the scene of karan Arjun of 1995. Great chemistry can be seen between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan during this pfoto shoot.