Salim Khan said Mullas and Maulavis have made Islam complicated

Bollywood actor Salman Khan's father and writer Salim Khan has welcomed the verdict of Mumbai High court on Haji Ali Dargah. In the verdict Mumbai high court has given clearance to the women to enter in prohibited place in tomb. The famous writer said that the verdict has emulate Hadith and Quran. On the other hand Muslim religious leaders have raised question to the verdict of high court. They said, however we respect the decision of high court but it is against Islam religion. On Saturday Salim Khan tweeted, The verdict of emulate what Hadees and Quran have said. For being a good muslim you have to be a good human being. According to Salim Khan, Mullas and Maulavis have made simple Islam religion a complicated. He further added, In everyone male and female can go to tomb and shrine because Islam has not discussion on any gender discrimination. Mullas and Maulavi's are making simple Islam religion a controversial religion. Salim Khan also talked on Fatwas and said Fatwa is not a decision what people thinks it is a opinion given by Islamic scholar. This is to notice that earlier women are not allowed to enter in the dargah premises but after the appeal to high court in Mumbai now the verdict has came in the favor of women and now they are allowed to enter in the complex. You may also like :- Even I don't know when Salman Khan is marrying Salim Khan defended his son superstar Salman Khan