Rock On was my Idea : Nadeem

News is this that Farhan Akhtar made Rock On by stealing the idea. Allegation is this that Script writer Honey Irani shared the idea of Music composer Nadeem with Farhan Akhtar on with he made the film Rock On. However, Honey Irani denied all the allegation. Nadeem said, 'I wanted to make a film on rock band with four boys, Honey Irani shared the idea with Farhan Akhtar, we and Honey sat together and talked about it, I signed honey for this film. He wrote this film and she even wanted to direct it. Then I relelised that this fil is not right for her.' Nadeem also said, 'Honey Irani also heard the song of my film and she liked it too, then she shared this idea to Farhan. Who made Rock On and now he is making Rock On 2. Honey Irani got married to Javed Akhar. Farhan and Joya Akhtar is her kids. Both are filmmakers. Nadeem said, he was about to produce this film and was also about to give the music. Nadeem prepared 12 songs for this. Film main idea was mine. Rock On was a big hit of 2008. Main role was done by Farhan. Abhishek Directed this film. Now sequel of this film is been getting made.